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Public Data Repositories

Lumenogix NGS provides an excellent infrastructure for supporting public data repositories.  Its open architecture allows continual addition of new data formats; likewise novel analysis algorithms can be easily integrated and made available to users. Lumenogix NGS installation is available in Private Server configurations on hardware controlled by clients. The system is extremely flexible and can be deployed on almost any computer as well as on private or public clouds. Installing a private Lumenogix NGS server provides access to many capabilities in addition to Lumenogix NGS’s already significant basic services. Lumenogix NGS’s open architecture permits easy integration with novel data formats (such as custom microarrays) as well as custom, 3rd party or proprietary analysis algorithms. Lumenogix NGS integrates well with multiple laboratory information management systems as well as with centralized authentication systems. The complete, non-volatile transaction logging allows generation of custom audit reports.

The effective security system permits easy separation of publicly available and private data. The flexible authentication system can be configured to allow user-name/password, IP addressed based, MAC address-based as well as biometric-based authentication. Data are encrypted during transmission using an SSL-based certificate and when at rest on our server.

The MIAME-compliant data model can maintain encrypted descriptive information, as required by most publications.  Lumenogix NGS offers a comprehensive, MIAME-compliant system for managing raw data samples and analysis results.  Easy to follow links between raw samples and all related analytics are clear and intuitive, making sure users never lose track of the relationship between data, parameters and analysis results. Most importantly, effective integration of raw sample data and algorithms, using object-oriented methodology, allows all users to conduct meta-analysis on all data to which they have access.  With Lumenogix NGS, there is no requirement to have users download data to their own system in order to conduct analysis.