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Individual Researchers

Lumenogix NGS offers many functions designed to make bioinformatic research easier and more accessible.

  • Automatic data management and backups makes sure you never lose your data and never lose your description of each sample.
  • Automatic management of analysis results makes sure that all analysis results are linked to the correct raw data and parameters used to generate the results.  You will never lose which parameters or which samples were used to generate the results.
  • Easily collaborate with researchers around the world using built-in social networking and document sharing tools.
  • Annotations are always up-to-date (including microarray as well as genes, genomes, SNPs, Gene Ontology and more).
  • Easy-to-use: no setup, no installation, no configuration.  Works on almost any Internet-enabled device, including smartphones.
  • Built-in genome browser.
  • You won’t need to use your own computer to run analytics.  The system is always up, with no worries that power outages or computer crashes will interrupt a complicated analysis.
  • Support for post-analysis data mining.