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Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research

For large organization, Lumenogix NGS provides an effective infrastructure to centralize all molecular data and research.  Lumenogix NGS’s collaboration features allow an organization to link all research departments.  Granular security system will allow setting up appropriate access for an individual researcher or groups of researchers.  Integration to one or more laboratory information management systems will allow data from all sources to be routed to a centralized repository.  Integration with in-house authentication systems and non-volatile session logging will make Lumenogix NGS compliant with almost any regulatory environment.

Lumenogix NGS solves many pressing problems raised by the proliferation of molecular data.  Full management of raw data and analysis results will help an organization to handle departures of individual researchers or the loss of entire departments.  Knowledge generated by employees will never be lost when managed by Lumenogix NGS.

Lumenogix NGS’s security system will allow both public and private data to be hosted on the same centralized infrastructure.  This will allow the organization to sponsor research projects at universities, other not-for-profit research organizations or commercial biotechnology research companies and provide Lumenogix NGS as the system for data management and analysis.  This will not only add value to the funding but also will make sure that data generated via these sponsorships will not be lost.