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Lumenogix NGS’s design and functionality makes it an excellent solution for any individual or organization that handles genomic or transcriptome data.


Individual Researchers


In addition to sophisticated analytics, individual researchers gain access to features and functions previously available only on expensive and complex corporate systems.  more


Open architecture and full documentation make Lumenogix an ideal system to handle mundane data management tasks and to help distribute novel algorithms to other researchers outside bioinformatics community. more

Core Facilities and Research Lab

Cost effective and flexible system that provides complete IT infrastructure and can support all wet-bench and dry-bench researchers within the organization. more

Public Data Repositories

Easy to install and configure software that provides functionality superior to standard deposit/retrieval data repositories.  Allow users to analyze and manipulate data on-line using sophisticated algorithms.  more

Contract Research Organization

Complete, cost-effective IT infrastructure that helps to deliver added value to customers. more

Biotechnology and Pharma Research

Centralized IT infrastructure that provides a complete raw data and analysis management solution and integrates with internal systems as well as external collaborators (subject to a granular security system).  more

Biotechnology Startups

Very cost effective and resilient IT infrastructure that supports data management and analysis needs and can painlessly grow with the organization. more

Healthcare and Clinical IT

HIPAA-compliant solution for handling genomic and transcriptome data.  Provides capabilities to handle individual healthcare data as well as pharmacogenomic modeling and simulation. more