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User Interface

Lumenogix NGS provides a light-weight interface that requires no installation or configuration. Use it from any computer or even a smartphone.

The Lumenogix NGS user license includes, at no extra cost, Lumenogix NGS Mobile – an application to access Lumenogix NGS from any iPhone-compatible or Android-equipped smartphone. Even without the specialized application, Lumenogix NGS is fully functional on any browser-equipped Internet device. The well-designed user interface does not impose excessive Internet traffic and can be utilized fully over modern cellular networks.

Lumenogix NGS’s “thin client” browser-based interface allows access to sophisticated analytics and data management functions from any browser-equipped, Internet-enabled device with no installation or configuration. Use any computer from any location to work or conduct presentations. Even a smartphone via a cellular network is an acceptable tool for microarray and high speed sequencer data analysis.