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Lumenogix NGS’s many collaboration features effectively simplify the problem of collaboration on projects that utilize very large data sets generated by microarrays and high speed sequencers.

Lumenogix NGS incorporates an effective integration of many social networking services (SNS), designed to support world-wide research collaborations. Raw data and analysis results are easily shared between collaborators, making collaboration by FedEx a thing of the past. Self-organizing groups and projects allow users great flexibility in setting up collaborations and data exchange. Integrated, multi-lingual, global and group-restricted mail and forums provide easy and familiar communication tools.

Lumenogix NGS incorporates a built-in document sharing function (Documents) that allows easy transfer of selected images, tables, documents and data from the Lumenogix NGS’s analytics as well as direct uploads from a user’s computer. Access to these documents may be granted to specific users or they could be made public using the Document’s anonymous login feature.